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2010-09-06 18:00:38 by Bloodgrey

Bloodgrey's here.

As you probably noticed my main page is pretty empty, that's cause right now I'm not in the right situation to make anything fresh out of my mind. To light you up with some information let me tell you that I'm kinda aiming for an artist title, I really like to draw. Doing comics, making pixelart for games anf such. But my PC is isn't capable unfortunatelly to handle all these stuff, you see I use photoshop, I'm not ak inda guy who have patience for traditional ink and such, but I'm also not a technical junkie so I don't know even the usual tricks of photoshop, I manage to make my stuff with a little bit of help from paint and photoshop combined, but sadly PS is so a memory hogy it takes centuries to work. That's because I'm using an old machine what came from a factory as junked. The inside of it is full of oil and since I don't no tecnical shenanigans, I don't know the specs of it but it's really low on memory and video preferences either. So I pretty much can't do my usuall stuff now, since my usual ink process is out by this little problem, sure I can do pixel stuff in paint but some of my projects are not meant to be made that way. So I have to wait till I get the opportunity for a new Pc, and I'd love to get a tablet, it would make my work so much easier.

Anyway, I'm going to put up some of my old stuff to see the oppinions. Also I have a decent spectrum of voice impressions, so if anyone needs a voicator, then feel free to ask.

More about me later.


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