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2010-09-09 08:05:14 by Bloodgrey

All right. So here I changed my avatar, the previous one was a small image of a character of mine, called Bloodgrey (surprise). He was meant to be a werewolfish greyhound character, a fearless bestial creature, who had great strength, fast speed, and a strange shaped axe with a red flag on it. He was meant to be a loner. his only companion was an owl shaped totem what was hanging from his neck.
I eventually changed the character for another type of creature, the design of it will resemble but I have some nice plans for the chgarater, so I had to make these changes, basically what you just told of him, is scrapped or changed. And there will come a different story and a different era for him.

My family always had a sighthound so there comes my obsession, I'm doing a sighthound comic also so the breed will be introduced there, letting my mascot to be changed.

I still dson't have a Pc with good specs so I have to stick to pixelart for now. Fortunately, I want to expand Bloodgrey that way, so more about him later.


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