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Astromiau EP 01 Astromiau EP 01

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You, sir, are awesome!

I really had a great time watching it, you have a nice simple oldschool cartoon design, mixed with nowadays great animations, it is a comedy, but ther drama is injected under it, and shows up every time, making it really emtional and bonds the audience with te characters, I love the jokes, I love the animation, I love the story, I can't wait for the next episode, I can't really nitpick anything, maybe an englis dub later would be neat, there are plenty of talented voice actors (heck even I would be in extasy if I could participate in this.
Maximum points.

What's the song at the ending credits? I want to have that.

Dream travel Dream travel

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice little animation, music is fitting story is fine, I would have kept the dream parts pencil colored all during the movie, it would have given a troubleless childhood feeling, I really love the negative images in it also, some conclusion or the phisicall presentation of the emotions could have benne a bit more detailed and expanded, cause it's now doesn't feel like it has a proper end.

I give an 8.

Steinberg responds:

I'm glad you liked it. And, I agree with your review. I don't like the ending either, but couldn't figure out another ending that would fit with the music timing.

Ninja versus demon Ninja versus demon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's a really good thong for start, tha animation is nice, the design is great, the music is nice, I give it a 9, cause I think there could be more in this, like story development, personalities, disuccsions, the whole thing is looking so great it screams for an explained background, for something that could make it more outstanding from the already professional scene what is it in. That's why I keep a point because I think this is olny a beggining, you should go get a much higher distance from this. Don't be satisfied with only that succes, build more, For thia gneration this could be what was martial art movies was for the elder.

I feel there is much more in you with this. Keep rollin. And I'll give a 10 for it.

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Madness Agony 2: Volume 2 Madness Agony 2: Volume 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice touch on theo riginal series, story is fine, music is fitting, sometimes unique, I really loved the violin theme. animation is fine, framerate is sometimes slow making the tension a bit low, and the voices could have been equalized, cause some voices are louder than the others and some are barelly could be heared. Audacity simpli does equalizing with one button and making all the voices the same loud.

I give 8, keeping 2 points for the recording and the slow frames. Otherwise it's great.

Dunso responds:

If the frames are slow it might be your computer, runs almost too fast on mine. Thank's for the review!

A Simple Journey A Simple Journey

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply awesome

I see you are short on some stuff.
Like the style is really stick figure based, the sound effects are made by voice.
But the animation is great, the music is good, the story is awesome, and all things what could be listed as dissadvantages, are played out wekk enough to turn into charm. And I love stories with time bending.
I'd love to criticise and point out anything what could be improved but simply I can't.
I salute, Way to go sir!

We can't wait We can't wait

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's cute

It's a nice little tribute, I was a bit excited when I saw there is an ASCII loader, I coudn't imagine what's this going to be.
It would have been better to submit this for the music portal, mocking the end ccredits is not really an interesting thing to see, even if was unique by design back in the game, it was a one hit wonder representation, for the secound time it's boring and uncreative. You could have made some animation instead for it, to keep the attention, cause I just write now this reviev during the movie, since I'm not really interested of the images there in the animation. Or if you couldn't do that much of an animationm just submit at the music portal and get a collaboartor.
Anyway it's charming, it's great to see you could made the singing voice as accurate as possible. The problem is even if it's a parody, the lines are not always fitting, and that breaks the experience. Since when this happens, doesn't feel intentional. It feels more like you couldn't have improoved it, so you kept it that way. It's important to match the syllable count with the rhythm. If you are breaking that, and not making the lines hilarious, or not doing it an absurd way, then it's just breaks the experience, so keep in mind that next time.
I give you a 6, it's a bit above avarage, and there where some funny lines, but the presentation is not remarkable and the lines are a bit stiff.

PrivateJoker152 responds:

I wasn't mocking the end credits, I was only copying their style, my first idea was to make animation for it, but I noticed animation to be too distracting and it didn't pass the message as well as this did. This supposed to be parody and in this case parody in the form to copy their credits style as well as I could.
Also for people who would be bored with lyrics there is a plenty of intersting facts about game itself, so I had my angles covered, but you are right that it is not exactly animation.
But definitely thank you for your input :)

Pills Pills

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Way to go sir

Simple, yet charming, and has apositive message.
I really love the animation style, it's not detailed, it's not that fanc, but ut's really cute, and fitting, the music is just adding more into the feeling. And that interaction with the theme by a guitar solo, that was epic. It's just fine that way, I thnik you should do mure with sich preferences, it just gave me the chill, you can build up great momentums.
Don't change, way to go sir.
I'm stunned.

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The Good Life:Killer Babe The Good Life:Killer Babe

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Getting better and better

I was susopicius first time, but after it just went on I started to like it very much, it's really funny, the art is cute, the animation is not 100% perfect, but it does the work, and I'm not gonna care about that.

I give an 9, I keep one point for the not convincing start.
It's really great, btw if you need some voice acting for character I could give some help sometimes.

Tourettes T-rex Tourettes T-rex

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I really like it, giving an 8, it was funny but sometimes when the fella turned on rampage it was felt a bit scarry , I' don't like poop jokes really, but I don't have much problems with that one cause it was over the top absurd.
I keep two points, one for the bit scarry moments and one for the poop joke.
But over all it's nice, and I love soundgarden also.

danielssssoso responds:

thanks lol

Lord Scotch Lord Scotch

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Too Early

Now, I see if an artist wants to make something and has no patience to finish it, then he/she will get in to such things as you, early announces, little previews, but it's only worth to do if you are in controll of what you are doing. And that means you know what to do, and you know what will be there as outcome. I'm trying to say that if you are making a preview, then it should hype up people, and you shouldk now ho to do that, you should know when to do, but most importantly, you should know why to do, and this last part is important, because if you are not confident enough, it will be seen in your thing what you did. Now here's an interesting, dencent start in your movie, nice music, fitting art, concept looking thought out, then it's like a chopped of, little part of the big meat, and a lousy excuse that you will finish this sometimes.
If you doing a preview, don't start it with an excuse.

I give you 5 and you better do something epic. Cause with excuses like "oh I'll finish this, hehe" predictions are not convincing.

2ndPigeon responds:

That's actually pretty helpfull :D
Thanks guy, your alright. Maybe with my new advancements at school i wil resume with this thing :P